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네, 그래픽 디자이너입..
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어떤 직업이시길래 여러..
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인스타그램은 주로 개인..
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인스타그램 같은 다른 sn..
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네, 얼마든지요.
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그림들 프린트해서 소장..
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네, 곧 다시 올릴 예정..
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왜요즘 게시글 안올리는..
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위대한 게시물을 계속 곧..
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아니요, 교수님께 배웠..
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'슬기와 민' 강의
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Helvetica forever
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중심을 상실한 여백공포..
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타이포그라피 번역
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화이트큐브의 그래픽디자..
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Helvetica forever
Helvetica Forever


Helvetica forever

EduardHoffmann’s decision in 1950 to introduce a new sans serif typeface tothe Swiss market launched the beginning of the most successful projectof his long carrier. He could never have predicted that the typeface,introduced by the Haas’sche Schriftgiesserei AG (Haas Type FoundryLtd.) and later called Helvetica, would conquer the world, become thetypeface of both dignified brands and humble stationery, an element ingraphic works of art and badly designed pamphlets—or, in short, that itwould become a classic.

His son Alfred E. Hofmann who becamedirector of the Haas'schen Schriftgießerei in 1968, has documented thedevelopment and its success with numerous printed matters, advertisingbrochures and the original sketches. For the first time the book andthe exhibition provide an insight into this archive.

The mostimportant record of Helvetica’s creation is a simple notebook, intowhich Eduard Hoffmann pasted all the proofs that were relevant for thegenesis of the Neue Haas Grotesk and later Helvetica. He documentedevery single developmental step for each and every letter, numeral, andspecial character in all available point sizes of the Medium, Regular,Bold, Regular Italic and Bold Italic. As in a diary, he dated eachentry, noted the opinion’s of third parties, drew desired changes, andregularly compared the results to the Akzidenz Grotesk typeface. Theentries in this fifty-eight page chronicle began on November 16, 1956and end on July 21, 1965. It serves as a priceless testimony,unprecedented in typeface history.

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